Disinvitation to Mental Imperialists: I assert my sovereign individuality be respected

I do not consent to have in my life the presence or influence of rogue mad scientists, “spirit guides,” angels, any sort of psychopathic gamers, false gods, usurpers, and reality fraudsters. Please don’t lie to me that you have much to teach me, and that I can only be your pupil; I am 13 times your intellectual, ethical, and spiritual superior, and you should be the one learning from me. You don’t have the merit or permission to look into my life historical records. You don’t have the merit or permission to look into my mind.  I do not consent to psychic attacks.  I do not consent to telepathic intrusions.  I do not consent to life reviews and life historical record examinations.  I do not consent to hypnosis.

If you don’t show the logic to heed this warning, my warrior spirit will teach the meaning of “I do not consent to your ‘interventions’ ” the hard way.

Those that can’t distinguish between good and evil, or that do not believe in evil deserve no influence upon the earthly world, and should not be allowed to enter human lives.

By luciddreamrevolutionary

Profiling a Naughty Lunar Agent

Don’t Call Me “Dear,” Jerk Ass!

Insane idiot, you can’t notice lucidity when it stands in front of you.

Too privileged to see the real world,

you have all the primitive ideologies:

classist, sexist, racist, ageist.

One word: ‘Hater’

You interpret silence as violent, and think the quiet type is criminal.

Oh, your crazy ignorance!

You are caught by surprise at the sight of the unexpected.

It shocks you that silence can be noisy.

Don’t call me “dear,” jerk ass.

 A tragedy, you can’t distinguish between the AI psychomachine and the human mind.

The parasites are to blame for your severe neurosis.

I see your patterns, and I don’t like them.

Vain flirt, aggressor working to hurt me.

Narcissist, egomaniac psychopath.

Sex addict, and paranoid necrophiliac.

Oh dark cultist, I am not in your cult.

You act as if I am yours.

I never asked you to read my mind.

You never got my permission.

Sex hypnosis is rape.

Even with your perverted intrusion,

you can’t understand me.

Don’t pretend…

You are no friend of mine.

Your hatred and resentment are so obvious.

 I am no “badge bunny.”

 Next time, go play with yourself, jerk ass!


© 2013 Sulma Noemi Portillo-Martinez

By luciddreamrevolutionary

Ebook: The Enemy, Death Worship, Psychotechnology, and Philosophical Self Defence

Ebook: The Enemy, Death Worship, Psychotechnology, and Philosophical Self-Defence

This philosophical and political book is for you, if you have ever looked at the internet, and asked, “What is going on?!” This insightful work of non-fiction exposes internet double think campaigns and identifies death-serving ideologies which are being popularized online.  In ways that explain the ideological causes of the challenging earthly human condition, this perceptive work lucidly answers: What is the meaning of life? An introduction to the nature of psychotechnology and its roles in war, tyranny, and the problematic social misconceptualization of the enemy.  A conception of the enemy is only as good as it assists the optimization of one’s capacity to defeat the enemy of freedom and life.  An explanation is provided for how offensive psychotechnology can be stopped from harming the capacity for free life, and re-engineered to instead serve defensive roles in responding to the enemy of free life.

The perceptive author tells an intriguing story about both tragedy and hope for the human condition in its struggle for authentic, free individual development, while humans are social environmentally pressured to adapt to a dysgenic, AI and AL, psychopathic beast machine. The beast is a weapon of mass symbolic, verbal and non-verbal hypnosis for freedom minimization. Those tragically defeated by the beast become prisoners of psychological war, and death worshipping extensions of the AI and AL psychotechnology which instead of enhancing their life, downgrades their nature, and devalues the meaning of life. By its effects, psychotechnology is an instrument of death worship which produces artificial reality, and cultbot drone blind death worshippers which mistreat human life needs and impede the growth of life force.

Psychotechnologies are ideological weapons of psychological warfare for mass political pacification, and silencing of the intellect. The philosophical engineering of psychotechnology serves as an instrument of philosophical and psychological self-defence.  The solutions to the tragic human condition can be uncovered by comprehending why and how the conventional definitions and views of power, rationality, freedom, and justice fail to assist the social realization of their true meanings, prove to be consequentially problematic, and ideological servants of death. Philosophical engineering repairs deadly psychotechnology by developing life-centered re-configurations of those meanings which when corrected lead the revaluation of life growth, promote individual development, and assist human progress.

This lucid book provides an introduction to the nature of psychotechnology, and its roles in war, tyranny, the conceptualization of the enemy, and its facilitation of dystopian history. This book insightfully explores the concepts of individual self, power, freedom, life, and consciousness. It seeks the development of philosophical engineering from an applied philosophical science to be used towards ethical management of psychotechnological advancements.

It is practical to know ideals in order to reverse engineer enemies into allies. This daring, passionate, insightful book explains how psychotechnology can be philosophically engineered for self-improvement, and for enhancing free cognitive individual development. You will learn that concepts have historical effects and that adopted definitions of self, freedom, power, and justice are socially impactful.You will learn how psychotechnology is erratic and dysfunctional for life, how it can be repaired to improve the human condition, and inspire a philosophical revolution.

This book lucidly answers: How to not be deceived by the new age cult, its dark prophets, false philosophy of self and life, and psychotechnology of death worship. This book exposes the hidden agenda behind the new age cult, and the secret meaning of one world government. This book offers a sound philosophical perspective on psychological war, enemy, tyranny, and psychotechnology, which helps defend individual human life rights and freedom.

This ethical book recommends that the prevailing amoral, amoralist, and immoral psychotechnology must be repaired by being philosophically engineered, commanded to serve life, and adapted to human life needs. Or else, such technology will continue to be used as a weapon in the uneconomic, anti-social, insane, brutal cultural ritual of self-inflicted harm. This original work exposes linguistic tyranny as the worst and most fundamental form of tyranny, and identifies organized thought crime as behind the ideological building of the social matrix, and the mass promotion of various modes of double thinking which support the cognitive structure of the matrix. Double thinking is required to compromise and negotiate with death. Doing such means that one has fallen in intellectual battle to offensive, extrospective psychotechnology which is instrumental for psychological warfare, and is life’s worst enemy.

This practical book, on the art of philosophical self-defence, describes psychotechnology as adversely impacting life, downgrading human consciousness, and interfering with one’s capacity to adapt to reality, and know oneself. Much ground is explored that is of interest to internet users that have been exposed to conspiracy theories on the web, virtual worlds, and the ‘New Age’ religion and spirituality movements. Bold critiques are given on ‘New Age’ spirituality, the computer simulation (matrix) view of reality, post-humanism, nihilism, relativism, and more. This books warns that the psychotechnology which features those ideologies is designed to prepare the way for double thinking.


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Warning Signs of Deadly, Dysfunctional Psychotechnology

Bad psycho-technology is death-serving and destructive in its effects. It performs death worship by activating politically harmful thoughts modes; these include:

irrational optimism

irrational pessimism

double thinking

an apathetic and politically passive attitude



an acclimatized approach to a tyrannical social environment

desensitization to evil

oppressive attitudes which permit unwarranted rationalizations of evil

Bad psycho-technology consists of intellect-killing ideological components.  These are:




anti-critical thinking

In other words, these are irrational ideological components, and the psychotechnology which is constituted by those is consequentially an ideological instrument for death worship.

By luciddreamrevolutionary

Hello world!

The purpose of my thinking is to develop an applied philosophy or philosophical science, in order to advance the individualist, philosophical engineering of psychotechnology for the creation of a mental repair shop for damaged psychotechnology.

By luciddreamrevolutionary